Majun Dabidulward is an herbal Unani medicine to treat digestive and liver ailments. In combination with other appropriate medicines it gives relief in various liver ailments. The chief ingredient of this medicine is Gul surkh/ Rosa damascene flower.

Uses and Effectivness of Majun Dabidulward

Majun Dabidulward is useful in general weakness, loss of appetite, liver and spleen enlargement, jaundice, anorexia, enlargement of liver, swelling of stomach, cirrhosis of the liver and sluggish liver. It is useful in following conditions:

1. Waram Jiger/ swelling of liver.

2. Gastritis/ Inflammation of stomach.

3. Waram Rehem/ Swelling of uterus.

4. Amraz Jiger/ Liver ailment/ size of liver increases, size of spleen increases, anorexia, swelling, sluggish liver, liver dysfunction and loss of appetite.

5. Zofe Jiger/ weakness of liver

6. Zofe Meda/ Weakness of Stomach

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