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Functional disorders of kidneys often lead to various ailments viz., Rheumatism, Gout and Sciatica, etc.

The tablets of AUJAIYA ranks not only as a Curative but also is a ‘Preventive’ medicine. It is highly beneficial in tonning functions of the kidneys and is greatly appreciated for all kinds of inflamations of the Kidneys, for gravel and stones. It spares the Kidneys by lessening tissue destruction. Not only by driving the impurities of the blood, it cures the Kidneys diseases, but it also prevents acid from accumulating in the joints. Thus being a favoured remedy of lumbago and smarting pain of the joints.




useful in gout, joint pain, arthritis. two tablets two times with water or as directed by physician.



(for External Use only)
Beneficial for Paralysis, rheumatism, rickets and bruises. Removes weakness and pain from the tissues and strengthens joints. It also works as nervine and gives a tonic effect on the nerves and muscles by massage.

Direction for use: For Ricket Mix equal quantity of castor oil to a little of
this Roghan and massage over the body.
For other troubles Add equal quantity of mustard oil, apply warm on
the affected part.
Precaution: Wash hands well after use.