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AKSIR SURFA is highly effective in all the types of cough and respiratory troubles. Its speedy action in expelling out the phelgm from air passage and its soothing effect in case of acuteness and severity of whooping cough are its main qualities.

Not only the gaps of whooping fits are prolonged, but it is successfully efficacious in rooting out whooping cough on a 'f', permanent basis.

4 gms, of Akseer Surfa mixed with honey, butter or cream to be licked three or four times a day. During the time of its use, milk, butter, almond and other dry fruits with main diet show better results. Children 2 gms, only as directed above.




Aksir-e-Riah is a wonderful preparation, reputed for colic and flatulence. It is a recognised remedy of pain in the kidneys and stomach and has proved beneficial in case of acute pain.

½ to 1 gms. with warm water.




Decayed teeth with Pyorrhoea is very common these days. Blood and pus find their way in the system, adversely affecting the digestion and general health all-round.

Untreated or neglected Pyorrhoea leads to palpitation of the heart, dysepepsia and worst—the consumption. Besides these wasting diseases, Pyorrohoea is also attended by swelling and pain in the gums and teeth, offensive odour from the mouth.

Pyorin, a remarkable cleaning agent is to combat Pyorrhoea and its allies. With its antiseptic effect, it is a wonderful cure of Pyorrhoea, toothaches and decayed gums. It polishes, teeth, cleans thoroughly and instantly, arrests decay and keeps the gums firm and healthy and leaves a cool refreshing effect after its use.